Run Africa is a project originally dreamed up by Joe Labuschagne, after a challenge gone wrong, in 2014 as a 12000km run from Cairo to Cape Town.  Unfortunately after suffering a stress fracture in Sudan, and another in Ethiopia, Joe was forced to halt the project and return to the UK. 

But…..this is not where it ends and things have now evolved into becoming one man’s dream of running all 54 countries in Africa.  52 considering he completed Egypt and Sudan.  And on the way Run Asia was also born to support Joe’s recovery and running obsession.  Run Asia have not been fully defined but obviously Kyrgyzstan will be first on the list.

The aim with Run Africa and Run Asia is to raise money to support charity projects, to improve lives and create opportunities for people in Africa and Asia, in particular children, and thereby reducing poverty.

In order to really make a difference Joe is committed and determined to run Africa and Asia….